Saturday, June 21, 2014

Addicted To Caffeine!!

Ya that's me. I'm 100% addicted to caffeine. It first started with Pepsi (I drink it everyday) and an energy drink here and there when I needed the energy for school or work. Then starting about a year and a half ago I was drinking one almost everyday. I drink one to get up and stay up for an early class (early to me, I'm a night person). The first class of the day is always the hardest on me. And I drank another one to stay up for work on weekends. I worked either the 7:30 to 4:00 shift or the 4:00 to 12:30. I didn't think I could stop because I was just to busy and always tired which is probably due in part to the low iron in my blood, the not eating well and my methadone. Thankfully ever since I moved with my hubby he has been cooking these amazing meals with veggies almost every night and also the yogurt and fruit snacks he makes me during the day have really been helping give me energy. Although I find I still don't get enough sleep which doesn't help. Now since being pregnant I've looked into caffeine consumption and found out that I shouldn't be consuming more then 200 mg a day while pregnant which I've been making sure to do. Sadly being pregnant has made me even more tired so I do need my caffeine to get through my busy days. I'm proud of how much I cut down but I feel like it's still not enough. Its not really the pop that's has me worried but the energy drink (135mg of caffeine) because of all the other crap that's in it. So far I'm doing really good staying away from that stuff while pregnant but I giving up my Pepsi isn't happening as selfish as that might sound to some people I really can't deal with the headache when I don't drink any.

Yours truly Charmed

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emotional rollercoaster

This pregnancy is really taking its toll on my emotions. I've been all over the place. Getting irritated faster, getting hurt and crying easily, things just bother me more than usual. My hubby is really sweet and does a lot for me but when I get irritated or hurt he gets on the defense easily because he is sensitive which ends up making the situation worst. Don't get me wrong I love that he is sensitive because it makes him more romantic, more understanding, more caring, it means that he understand me in a way most people couldn't. I would never change that about him. But were also both pretty stubborn on top of being sensitive, sooo not the best combination and the result of this is that we tend to fight for the last word way longer than we should.

A perfect example of how much my emotions are all over the place would be when I cried because mcdonalds stop making supper at 4am so I couldn't get a Big Mac, which is funny cause I rarely eat Mcdonalds, like maybe 4 times a year. Its not really my thing but I was really craving a Big Mac. Just like today when I was craving apples and caramel I got off work early thinking the store would be open until 9pm so I could stop and get some before heading home but nope it was close and I just stood there feeling lost and not knowing what to do. Thankfully now that I'm in my second trimester things have calmed down. I'm still so tired though and working a 9 hour shift on my feet is hard. I wish I could work shorter shifts. Its so hard to get out of bed sometimes.

Yours Charmed