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Being a Child of an Addict and a Recovering Addict you could say addiction has been part of my life for a very long time. In that time, addiction and my mothers’ depression have taught me a lot. Nevertheless, I still had some unanswered questions which led me to dig deeper into addiction and human emotions. I wanted to know: 
  • Why people turn to drugs
  • Why only some people get addicted
  • What prevents people from quitting
  • How can people recover
  • What makes us happy 
  • What makes us depressed
  • And everything in between

My search to understand addiction and emotions led me to study Psychology for 5 years. I instantly fell in love with psychology. I was able put together bits and pieces of theories to come up with practical ways to solve everyday problems. I finally started understanding what drove people's behaviors and a new passion was born.

Writing for my Blog a Recovering Addicts Experience sent me on many research expeditions in the hopes of not only helping people overcome addiction but educating people on the struggles addicts face. I wanted to eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction by creating an understanding of addiction which would hopefully inspire compassion and acceptance. 

Besides writing a weekly post for my blog I've written several articles for different addiction recovery websites. I use my experiences and study of psychology to provide insight in all my writing. 

To Inquire about my freelance work please contact me at 4vercharmed@gmail.com