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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife

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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife by Daphne Holmes.  
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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife

Although it can be difficult to put yourself in her shoes, supporting your wife during pregnancy is part of your responsibility as a partner and mate.  And while you probably mean well, there is understandable confusion surrounding pregnancy and childbirth, especially for fathers furnishing support throughout the process.  First time moms and dads are particularly na├»ve to the trials of pregnancy and child-rearing, so you may find yourself learning lessons alongside your wife, as she struggles to make sense of never before seen changes and challenges.

There is no precise blueprint available defining how pregnancy will impact expectant mothers and their families, so thinking on your feet is part of the experience. There are, however, proven approaches to help dads support the pregnant women in their lives.

Become a Resource
Questions and considerations swirling around pregnancy can be overwhelming for expectant mothers, especially those who have never been through pregnancy and childbirth.  To pick up the slack where it's most needed, supportive husbands take their roles seriously, by learning as much about the process as possible and staying informed about their wives pregnancies. That way, they are at-the-ready with answers to questions their wives may have, and are dedicated to doing the research to provide reassurance when issues arise.  Learning together, from books and online resources, helps distract moms-to-be and reinforces each family member's stake in the health and well-being of mother and child.

Fill the Correct Roles
Women are specialists in particular areas, so men compliment their needs during pregnancy and beyond.  To furnish the highest level of support possible, take-on tasks outside your wife's abilities and communicate with her to learn her precise needs.  By filling-in exactly where she needs you, the stage is set for her to focus on the unique challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.  You may find yourself in unfamiliar territory, assuming jobs once held by your wife, but a united front is the most effective approach, despite the temporary shake-up of family roles.

Participate in Prenatal Care
Active participation with the medical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth illustrates husbands' commitments to their wives' well-being and adds back-up to ensure doctors' orders are followed.  To stay informed, accompany your wife to her medical appointments, and participate in the dialog with doctors.  In addition to addressing your own questions, taking part in the process sheds light on issues your wife may not anticipate.  Working together, you'll develop a shared understanding about the experience and devise mutual strategies for overcoming pregnancy hurdles.

Accommodate Morning Sickness
One of the more miserable wild-cards tied to pregnancy is morning sickness, which impacts a significant share of pregnant women.  And despite its name, symptoms are not limited to a particular time of day.  Commonly experienced from the first through fourteenth weeks of pregnancy, the malady carries-on much longer for some pregnant sufferers.  Headaches, nausea, sleepiness and vomiting are common symptoms, which vary in intensity across women encountering morning sickness. To help your wife overcome morning sickness, adopt a flexible approach, responding to illness as it shows itself.  Be prepared to pick-up tasks for your wife as she becomes tired or sick, and keep common remedies on hand to alleviate her symptoms.

Remain Positive
Women experience hormonal shifts and physical changes during pregnancy, leaving them unsure about their feelings, at times.  Your positive attitude is the perfect prescription for mental and emotional fitness, drawing your wife's thinking away from negative cycles sometimes associated with pregnancy.  Encourage your wife during pregnancy, even when she is off her game. The positive spin might be enough to mitigate despair, so never underestimate the impact of a supportive approach.  Women also suffer with body image perception issues during pregnancy, as they experience physical changes and gain weight along the way.  To protect her self-image, be sure to compliment your wife and call attention to her physical beauty.  Though your wife may not feel attractive, your praise and encouragement keep her from feeling alone during pregnancy. Although child-bearing may seem outside your area of expertise, it is important to support your wife as she carries your child.  By tuning-in to her particular needs, and filling them precisely, you'll enable your wife to focus on the unique challenges of pregnancy without succumbing to stress and anxiety.

Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from and you can reach her at