Friday, January 31, 2014

Poem: Loving The Damaged Parts of My heart

This Poem is dedicated to that special person who made me believe that love doesn't have to hurt. 

The time spent hurt and alone
In the presence of one that would never know
The depths of my soul that would never heal
To understand would be to feel

Now left damaged and untrusting
For someone to find loving
The damaged parts that I've become
To pick them up and make them home

For only one with a soul replicated
Could love the parts I've hated
Mirrored souls become one mind
Left for my other half to find

In the deep reaches of my mind
There you will find a love so kind
That hides behind walls so tall
Only a true heart can make them fall

By one who accepts my damaged parts
Cherishing the broken pieces of my heart
Never needing for them to be put together
Seeing the beauty in its disaster