Sunday, October 11, 2015

Are You Avoiding What You Really Want?

Are you settling for less than what you truly want?

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You'll never get what you want if you don't first figure out what you want.

I don't mean the small stuff or in the moment instant gratification stuff. I mean what we want out of life, our jobs, our relationships and what we want from ourselves. Like when I finally realized I wanted a successful career and a better future I knew I would have to quit drugs.

When an addict, or anyone for that matter, realizes what they want from life it can be a powerful motivator to change for the better. Many of us avoid what we really want because what we want will usually require change to happen. Being the creatures of habit that we are, change can be uncomfortable and maybe even a little frightening. 

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We'll often fool ourselves into believing it's easier to keep doing what we're doing even if it isn't making us happy. But really the truth is it's only easier in the moment. If we're ever going to get what our hearts truly desire, we have to start thinking about what we want our futures to be like.

By visualizing it and believe in it, we are attracting it to us. If you don't know what the law of attraction is I highly suggest you google it or watch The Secret (it's on Netflix right now) but reading the book is always better. You can get it here.

The instant gratification isn't worth losing out on the long-term reward of getting what we really want. Going after our dreams requires leaving the comfort of the familiar. We have to stop denying what our heart wants and lying to ourselves that something is good enough when its not. We are capable of so much more. When we acknowledge what we truly want we hold ourselves accountable because if we don't change in order to get what we want, we only have ourselves to blame.

When I finally realized I wanted to be a writer I knew I had some changes to make. I got a few books on how to improve my writing, I started dedicating a lot more of my time working towards that goal, I started pitching articles, I started following other successful writers hoping to learn what I could from them. I stopped sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen.

If you could have anything you wanted or be anything you wanted, what would it be? Really think about it, what do you want out of life. Can it be achieved by doing what you're doing now? Knowing what we want is very freeing and empowering even if it is a little scary.

PS: What I Really Want is to Read Your Comments. Please Share One Goal With Me. Writing it Down Gives it Power.

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