Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Alcohol in Grocery Stores is a Stupid Idea

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It was announced recently that beer will be sold in grocery stores where I live. I know this might not seem like a big deal because it's common in a lot of places, but I disagree with it. We already have beer stores and liquor stores to purchase alcohol from, so why do we need alcohol in grocery stores. We never have before so it's not like we are missing the convenience of it. We are used to going to a specific store to purchase alcohol.

It's not like our society doesn't have enough problems with alcohol addiction so lets just make alcohol more accessible because going to the beer store is just darn inconvenient. I'm sorry, but if you want to drink I think you should have to get your butt to the beer store.

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Why tempt as many people as possible by selling alcohol in grocery stores where everyone shops, if they want to you know, EAT. It's kind of a necessity if you don't want to die from starvation, or gain weight eating take out all the time. Recovering alcoholics who avoid bars and liquor stores, can't really avoid grocery stores unless they want to starve. They should keep these two totally different types of products separate. I feel this a grab for money by the government and by grocery stores. Stop letting greed dictate your morals.

I'm not saying drinking is bad for everyone and we should never judge anyone for drinking. Its just that people don't need to be tempted any more than they already are with the media glamorizing alcohol consumption. I think this might even cause some people to drink more often and potentially cause a bigger problem down the road. With alcohol being right there in front of them, they could pick some up without even thinking about it. While now if you want to drink you have to make a conscious decision to either go to the bar or the beer store,

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There's a grocery store near my place that sells wine right when you walk out of the store. Most of the time, they have a person standing right outside the booth with wine samples, asking every adult that goes by if they would like to try whatever wine they are trying to promote. You can't avoid it because it's just before the door. I feel like I'm one of the only people that see this as a problem. You don't see people trying to promote cigarette brands by standing at a grocery store exit offering a cigarette. I think our government needs to be more aware and responsible with alcohol issues. I don't want it to be illegal, like I talked about in the post 5 Reasons Why We Should Give Up the War on Drugs, let people do what they want but don't shove it in their face. No need to promote it and make it more accessible we have enough people drinking alcohol already. Stop being greedy!

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