Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Really! Powdered Alcohol, Has the World Gone Mad!!

Powdered Alcohol

I heard this rumor going around that powdered alcohol might be for sale in the States this summer. Hmmm, hello? Anyone else here think that sounds like a terrible idea. The Palcohol website went so far as to state that the powder could be snorted, but that people shouldn't snort it. Really? Then why even mention that it can be snorted (number 7 on the picture below). I'm on to you Palcohol people, I'm on to you. Updating your website to remove that tid bit of information to look more professional hasn't fooled me, and apparently hasn't fooled a lot of people.

It seems like a lot of American States, and even Canada, are opting to ban the product before it can do its damage. That's if it even gets federal approval. Now here's where it gets confusing, the product did get federal approval but a few days later the approval was deemed a mistake. So no federal approval, so far. The Palcohol company has stated that the problem was the amount of powder per bag and that they will be resubmitting the product for approval after fixing the issue.

Original Palcohol Website
Powdered Alcohol

Similar products are already on the shelves in places like Germany and Japan which made we wonder what effect has it had in those countries. Powdered alcohol gives some serious concerns, including underage drinking, potential for deliberate or unintentional addition of more product or less water resulting in higher alcohol concentration, and potential for rapid intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

Overall this is an unessecary product that can only lead to more addiction and substance abuse problems. Alcohol is already easily accessable and addictive, I don't think we need the added problem of having it in a powdered form. Whoever thought this was a good idea was obviously only thinking about their bank account.

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