Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finding Your Confidence in Recovery

With the theme of my last post Insecurities-self-esteem-issues I decided to follow up with a post on how I stay confident despite any self-doubt and insecurities I have. I'm constantly trying to change my way of thinking and how I see myself, so I may find my inner worth and a greater confidence in myself. To stop hiding and become all I can be. To take risks and reap the benefits of taking those risks. Hell, we all have those moments of self-doubt, what's important is that we don't let it hold us back. It would be a shame if we were to miss out on any great experience life has to offer for fear of judgment or self-doubt.

Living life to the fullest is something most recovering addicts have come to really appreciate and strive for, especially knowing how fast life can pass us by and how much already has during our addiction. We also have this new found confidence in ourselves despite our doubts because we learned that there's no boundaries we can not achieve when we put our minds to it. Overcoming addiction, one of life's greatest battles has shown us just how much we can achieve, and we best never forget it. When self-doubt sets in I try to keep in mind just how much I've already overcome and achieved, so I may remind myself of the strength I possess.

Something as easy as starting your day with a smile can change your whole day. I've already put the word SMILE on my mirror to remind myself every morning to try to smile even if I don't feel like it. I've also thought about putting sticky notes stating positive reinforcements around my place. I learned an interesting fact about how smiling releases these happy hormones in one of my psychology class.This kind of gives credence to the statement FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT, which just amuses me to no end.

Even if you're not happy smiling may help you feel better and when you feel better well everything seems to just get better. You can get a clearer, more positive and open mindset. Which helps me open and talk to people more or even just simply ask questions in class. Another great way I boost my mood and confidence is to listen to uplifting music. We all have different taste and for me something like the song I'M BRINGING SEXY BACK is a great confidence boost and also a lot of fun.

I find music can do that for me and the words find a way to touch my soul in all aspect of my life, it being a broken heart, a confidence boost or that extra push when I'm working out. The music moves me. What matters here, is not the how you get there, but simply being there. So whether it's music or a sticky note doesn't matter, what matters is that you have found a way to tap into your greatness and have removed all self-doubt. And in doing so you may give courage to those around you to do so as well.