Sunday, February 08, 2015

Recovery of the Mind and Soul

When life gets busy and I can barely find time to breath, I tend to forget to keep working on me. I've been working on being happier and at peace by changing my perspective, but it takes constant effort to let go of pride, ego, worry and anxiety. I need to remind myself that I'm in control of my thoughts and I can choose to let them go because they're not who I am.

It's the superficial ego that gets caught up in the daily struggles. I'll feel like I'm drowning and instead of getting stuff done I'll shut down and sleep it off or go into this zombie mode. I can't be the only one who's dealt with this.

I might not be doing drugs anymore but I'm still recovering from the things that lead me there in the first place. Recovery is a state of mind that can always be improved. Being more forgiving, more understanding, more carefree, more loving, etc. I'm fixing what was already damaged before I started using.

Recovery of the mind and soul is a long journey but definitely one worth traveling. Don't get me wrong I can get by just the way I am and never do drugs again but would I be completely happy and at peace? I doubt it.

I won't be able to keep making others happy if I'm not happy myself. I want to get to a place where I'm so full of love and understanding that forgiving others and being happy comes naturally. I don't know how else to best explain it. 

People can get so bogged down with the material and superficial stuff in our lives that we forget that we are more then just our thoughts. We are so much more than we will ever know and worth working on. We are all connected and an important part of a whole.

I need to make more time for the things that make me happy and the things that encourage my internal growth.  By doing so, I'll be less critical and harsh on those around me. No ones perfect and I have to stop expecting so much from people.

We need to remember we're all connected and in control of our state of mind. We can choose to be happy.