Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tired of Being Judged Simply For Being a Recovering Addict

Just because I was on drugs over 6 years ago doesn't mean I'm a bad mother and that I need to be checked up on. My baby has everything he could ever need, including all the love and attention he could ever want. So because I did drugs in my teens that gives the right for people to pry into our lives. I think there some serious prejudice going on here.

I was interrogated by some social worker while I was recuperating from a c section in the hospital but that wasn't enough for them they have to come to my door without notice. What the fuck. I don't think it is in any way fair that my teenage past is following me around like that.

They left me a couple messages on my phone that I hadn't gotten around to returning because I've been busy with a baby and school. They assumed right away when I didn't call them back that I was a bad mother and the security of my child might be at risk. Like come on!!

The last message they left after leaving a card in my door said they were concerned they hadn't talked to me yet and needed to see me face to face. Seriously I already had one of those people interview me at the hospital so why do you need to talk to me again, saying u hadn't talk to me yet, when I was told everything was perfectly fine at the hospital. Plus, they got a hold of the hubby who told them I was extremely busy with school and that I had already talked to someone in the hospital. It's not like they didn't know.

I have nothing to hide, but I'm insulted at the invasion of privacy when I've done nothing to merit it. I just wish people in recovery would stop being judged. The stigma attached to it is demoralizing. I get wanting to protect children because I want to be a counselor one day, maybe even work for CAS (probably not) but the whole system is screwed up.

They need to put their time and effort where its needed (like the example below) and we need more laws protecting us parents. I heard a woman is even getting charged for letting her children go to the neighborhood park by themselves. That's crazy to me. I grew up playing outside by myself.

Now where was CAS when this 2 month died from starvation. They had been involved for her other child they should of noticed the child weighting less. There's no excuse for this!!
How about they start paying attention to children who actually need them.