Monday, March 18, 2013

~Love Keeps Hurting Poem~

Same goes for this one and all my poems. Some of you might not like them but they are truly from the heart so please be respectful. I understand that my poem is not perfect and it might seem like I'm complaining, and maybe I am. But all I wanted to do was put down into words the emotions that I felt. The mess in my head. Plain and simple.

Love Keeps Hurting

I'm filled with your lies,
I can see it in your eyes,
How can I believe you,
After what you put me through.

To all the actions not taken,
To all the promises broken,
Your words are now empty,
When you say you love me.

With tears in my eyes,
As I begin to realize,
Its not worth fighting for,
Not anymore.

Wanting to be yours truly,
Wanting you to see me,
Too bad he will never understand,
What it takes to be my man.