Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Animal Cruelty: Make a difference

Of all the causes in the world, the one which is the closest to my heart would be Animal Cruelty. So pretty much anything that has to do with helping animals big or small from terrible situations. This cause is important to me, more than others, because animals do not have the ability to change their lives like humans do and they are never responsible for the cruel treatment they get. They are innocent in every sense of the word. We often as people think about cats and dogs when we hear about animal cruelty but that is definitely not the only animals that suffer this cruelty. All animals are wonderful gifts and should be cherished. The loyalty that they give so freely to their caretakers is one true sign of the good in this world. Now most of us eat meat and often with out thinking about it twice. But awareness of where our food is coming from and the condition in which it was raised is critical to the understanding of how wide spread this issue exist. I will not deny it I eat meat and I do not see myself stopping anytime soon, like most of us. My goal here, is to encourage people to eat less meat and to find good alternatives, that are just as tasty. But whats really important is to choose our meat wisely, so that we do not support farms that treat their animals poorly. The following video explains how every piece of meat we decide not to eat, saves one more animal from cruelty!

Please click on the link below to watch a very real issue in our communities.

This holiday season, I Vow to make a change in my life by eating an alternative to meat when ever possible and raise awareness on animal cruelty. The more people that make this change the bigger the difference we can make, its starts with just one person at a time. Take the Vow and make a difference.

 ~More change~ 

Tis the season to donate, For those of you who want another way to make a difference please go to ASPCA DONATE 

Every little amount is appreciated. ASPCA is a great organization because they rescue not only cats or dogs but all kinds of farm animals from abuse and negligence but even donating to your local shelter is a great way to support the cause. And for those of you cant afford a donation at this time there are other great options to show you care. 
You can foster an animal for the holidays. 
You can give some of your time and attention at a local shelter.
For more information: Look up shelters in your area. 
What change will you make?
Stay tuned for more info on puppy mills, dog fighting, and much more.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

 Sincerly, ~Charmed~