Saturday, December 22, 2012

T'is The Season

My Top 10 Reasons For Loving this Holiday Season

Getting to be with Family
The New Beginnings 
The Spirit in the Air
The Laughter
Tasting all the Amazing Food
The Giving and Receiving
The Hunt for the Perfect Gift
Christmas Trees and Lights
Cooking Lots of Goodies
Decorating and Wrapping

What are your favorite things about the Holidays?

Oh! I have to say though, the one thing I don't like so far this year is some of the Christmas Music I've been hearing. Which is surprising because I like all kinds of music and I remember when the Christmas Music was good and uplifting. It seems this year I haven't heard any good Christmas music but that's probably because the local radio station hasn't been picking very good songs.

On another note, I got my sketch pad today and was about to start drawing soon. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a good sketch pad in this little town but Ill make do with what I have for now. Ill get a good one in the city when I get home after the holidays. Now I'm on the hunt for inspiration.

First Sketch.... I know right... I need practice  lol

I've enjoyed finally being at my moms but I find the most difficult thing I've had to do this Christmas is decide who to spend it with. I knew where I should go but that didn't stop my heart from yearning to be with the one I love. Its weird how you can be happy and sad all at once. After only a few hours at my moms I became restless and knew I had to do something. I finally decided to call him and ask (beg) him to come down to my mothers for Christmas. It just wouldn't be the same with out him. He said he would try and make the trip. I really hope he makes it for Christmas.

Have you ever had to make this decision ? What would you do?

Happy Holidays!