Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Never Fails

I would like to start by apologizing for not posting as much these pass few days. I usually post everyday but that might not always be possible once I start school next week so Ill try and post at lease every second day if not everyday. Since I've caught a cold and my minds a lil fuzzy at the moment I might be posting only every second day, depending on how I feel. Here's an update for now until I get my mind to co-operate. Hope you enjoy, I know we all get sick so we can all relate.

Now that's said, here's what I wanted to share. It never fails, every winter I get sick at lease once. Most years I get unlucky enough to get sick during the holidays but at lease this year I was lucky enough not to get sick during Christmas. I would rather be sick close to New Years then close to Christmas. I want to be in good spirits to visit family during Christmas. Also since I don't like drinking that much so I don't usually do much for New Years. Although I like to stay up and do the count down and listen to music at home. Still i rather of gotten sick now so I can get better before school starts on January 7th. I enjoy school too much to miss the first day of a new semester and my new classes. Psychology woooo hoooo!

My cold consist of a soar throat, a stuffed nose, a dull ear ache, an occasional headache, and soar heavy muscles. I've been taking ibuprofen  Tylenol cold and flu, and some cold fx which have been helping a great deal so far. I also have some gingerale and some chicken noodle soup, all thanks to my hubby. I cant believe how expensive it was for the medication and stuff. I already had gravol in my purse but I haven't needed it. I always carry gravol with me every where because I get car sick really fast especially on bouncy city buses going to school.

What Ill probably end up doing for New Years is cuddle up beside my hubby on the couch (or in bed) with some hot chocolate (sounds good especially since I'm sick), and either watch some movies or play some need for speed on the Xbox 360 kinect I got him for his birthday and Christmas combined (his bday on the 8th) or, my favorite idea, Ill get lost in a book on my new E-reader.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!
To New Beginnings.