Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mother Daughter Bonding With Drugs

I came down to visit my mom and dad this weekend and got a ride with my dad in his transport. I only live an hour away so it isn't too far but I still don't get to visit as much lately so I was happy I finally committed to coming down for a weekend. And maybe I'll get a bit of laundry done at my moms while I'm at it ;) haha... I'm such a kid some times. It took a while to actually get my dad to leave once he got me to the office because he started having a beer. After 2-3 hours we finally left and during the ride we were catching up and laughing because my dad was being silly as usual. Now by the time we got to this little town we were at the halfway point and it got a bit more quiet so I was able to look out the window peacefully  That's when I saw the Liquor Store on the right and remembered how a few years back when I was in that parking lot for the first time with my mom trying to cash a bank check to an account with no money in it so we could get pills. Its was like 20 minutes out of town so we didn't know anyone there. They didn't cash our check so we went to a grocery a little farther off the highway in to the town and got a check cash. We went straight back home to get some pills. Its funny how this memory doesn't make me sad but instead I see as a good memory because its time spent bonding with my mom. We bonded lots when we were both on pills its one of the things that I missed the most being sober. Its like we had this common goal and understood each other completely but most of all it was our secret, something only we shared. I'd like to proudly say we are both completely off oxys now and I don't think I could of did it with out her. I got her into pills and she got me out, she truly is amazing. I love you Mom.