Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Recovering Addicts ???

I'm seeing a lot of negativity around this holiday from singles and couples alike. I understand where they are coming from. Expectations or being single on this holiday can make it quite miserable. Some people think its just an excuse for companies to make money and maybe it is but you don't need to spend money to make it a wonderful occasion. For example, last valentines day we made homemade cards which are the best because its personalized and we gave each other a massage before bed, which led to other things of course, haha. We didn't have money and we didn't expect anything except making time to just be together.

Oh but what if your single, what fun is that for you ? Well let me tell you. Since love is the main topic on this day show yourself some love. Do something that makes you happy, something just for you. For me, it would go something like this. Id go tanning and get my nails done, go home eat something delicious, take a bubble bath with candles and rent a good movie or get a good book. And voila, I got the perfect valentines day. Of course what you do for yourself depends on what you like. Make this day about you.

Whether your single or committed you decide how good your day can be. Forget money, expectation or the fact that your single and just have fun.

Love Charmed