Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Sketches

I've been drawing a lot this pass week and it seems like I'm getting a little obsessed. haha  The time just flies by when I'm drawing. Its hard to describe the feeling I get when I'm drawing especially if it was a challenging drawing (Like the drawing The Me In My Head ). I guess if I had to describe it I'd say its like a peace but not only that, its more like excitement mixed in with a little frustration then finally when its done I feel pride. In a world where I use to have so little to be proud of, its not a feeling I really got accustomed to but its seems that I've taken a liking to it. Nothing makes me prouder then what hard work can accomplish. The Me In My Head sketch was by far the hardest and took the most time but its the one I'm the most proud of. The two sketches before that one were like practice so lots of work went into it.

Polar Bear
Around Christmas 2012

Tinker Bell


Daffy Duck

Sexy Lips

Window to the Soul

The Me In My Head