Tuesday, January 01, 2013

~New Year, New Changes~

I use to not care too much about setting goals for the New Year thats when it even crossed my mind. I saw it as a waste of time because setting goals and not achieving them was just one more thing to be disapointed about. I remember when the most important thing on my mind besides drugs was were the best party would be at. Well in the beginning anyways. Later on when the addiction got bad most of the time I was too uncomfortable to go out in public.

Now a days New Years brings me hope and excitement for all the possibilities it brings. Possibilities of change and adventure, possibilities of a greater understanding of our world and the people in it, possibilities of deeper love for others but also for one self. I'm filled with gratitude for having a second chance at life so that I may experience these possibilities. Cheers to a New Year and a Brighter Future.

Happy New Year,