Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Addiction Recovery Hobby: Drawing

Last one got deleted so I'm re-posting this with a few extra sketches.
Sketching has been a kind of therapy for me. Its helped me rediscover myself through art after having known only addiction for so long.

This is the first one I did around Christmas time. 

Reflection 23/12/12

Trying out my new drawing pencils

Slowly Practicing 21/01/13

I had a Million Things on my mind

Busy Mind 21/02/13

Every Tree (person) needs its roots (place, person or hobby) that helps them grow.

Roots 24/01/13

I have a lot of Betty Boot stuff so I figured I owed her a sketch. :)

Betty Boop 28/01/13

Bored in class... 
I know, I know, I should of been listening...
But if I didn't keep busy I would of to passed out.

Mixed Flowers 29/01/13

I just started learning about Shadow Work and decided to sketch this to express my Shadow.
If you want to know a bit more on shadow work, (its interesting so far)
Here's the link of the video I watched.

Shadow Self 29/01/13

Mickey Mouse 29/01/13