Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Healing Bond Between Addict & Dog

It doesn't matter how guilty or how horrible we feel about ourselves and doesn't matter how many terrible things we did, our pets love us unconditionally. There's something extremely special about the way our pets are always there for us no matter what. The bond between person and pet cant be compared to anything else, it can do amazing things.

When things started to go from bad to worst with my addiction and finding myself feeling lost. One day my love for dogs was remembered through the haze of drugs long enough to become determined to get a dog. Knowing that if nothing else, having a dog would make me happy. She was still just a little puppy when I went to a local farm to see the litter. All the puppies were hiding behind stairs and it wasn't very easy to get to them. But my little Maggy walked out between the two first steps and came up to me. The only one that came out to greet me, I was in love instantly. She ended up picking me, not the other way around. I saw it as faith, I was meant to bring her home.

My Maggy was by my side through it all. At the times when I felt the most alone and when I felt like giving up, she was there giving affection and love freely without judgement of my addiction, my lies, my stealing. Her never failing presences and love helped me believe in myself, helped me believe I could do better with my life. Maggy just being the playful, loving dog that she was supported me through the hardest parts of my recovery.

Oh, I miss her so very much. At only a little over two years old Maggy got sick and had to be put to sleep. No death, nothing in my entire life has devastated me as much as having my Maggy taken away from me. I would of paid any amount of money if only there was something to be done to save her. I miss her every day. I hope with all my heart to be with her again some day.

FEB 2010